For relaxing holidays, full of energy and action.

Just in the middle of the Aegean Sea, lies the island of Andros, the second biggest island of the Kyclades Group. Korthi Bay, on the southeast side of the island will be your final destination.

On the sheltered part of the bay you will find the small fishing village of Korthi, providing all the facilities you need for the most relaxing holidays.

On the other side of the bay the north-easterly winds ( mostly known as Meltemi winds) will attract even the most demanding windsurfers.

Just at the beginning of one of the longest beaches of the island, Korthi Nautical Club has built-up a special place for you.

The Meltemi winds, dominating July, August and September and which can easily reach 6-7B will allow you to practice and exercise your boarding skills, while the club will offer you the facilities you will require for a safe and trouble free windsurf holidays. If there are beginners in your party, they can join the club's tuition programs.

Storage, minor repairs, fresh water, beginners tuition, are some of the services the club will offer you. If you cant bring your own board, there are plenty of new models to rent from.

There are a lot of places you can stay on the Andros Island. Small hotels or rented apartments,just by the sea, are located within walking distance from your surfing paradise.

If you are staying on other parts of the island, we will arrange for your transfer to the Club. Your surfing boards can be stored at the Clubs facilities so you dont have to carry them back and forth. We can give you accommodation details and we can reserve a suitable place for you to stay. We can also offer you a package deal to include your windsurf requirements as well.

Your trip to Andros will be very easy and comfortable. The port of Rafina is located only 20 minutes away from the Athens airport. During the summer, there are 3 ferries in the morning and 3 ferries in the afternoon leaving for your final destination. Kothri Bay is only 45 min away from Gavrion, the main port of Andros, where the clubs mini bus will be waiting for you. Just enter our request form and send us your requirements.


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